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A Thick Crust Covered Her Entire Body. How Many People Had Seen Her And Just Allowed Her To Suffer

A stray wandering about with what seemed to be a thick that covered her body, almost from head to toe. How long has she been suffering like this?

A good Samaritan saw her near State Road 60, Valrico, Florida and knew that something needed to be done to help this poor cat so they called a local animal rescue group who sent a team of TNR trappers to take a look.

If required they would try and trap her, spay her and treat any medical conditions that she might have. But what they found instead was the sweetest seal point Siamese you could ever meet, and she was suffering a severe case of mange.

She would need treatment for the mange, but more than that she couldn’t be left outside as a stray, she would need a forever home.

St, Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida got the call to come and investigate. They couldn’t believe the state she was in, how many people had come across this poor girl and simply did nothing, allowing her to continue suffering?

Photo courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian / @turtlecatfoster

Thinking they would have a challenge trying to catch her they set traps, but when she heard the cat food can pop open she did something unexpected!

To find out what she did click next below!

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