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A Stray Cat With A Striking Resemblance To Dobby the House-Elf Is Looking For Her Forever Home

If Dobby was one of your favorite characters from Harry Potter then you are going to love this adorable rescue cat who looks just like him.

There is pretty much universal agreement amongst Harry Potter fans that Dobby the house-elf was one of their favorite characters from the movie franchise. If you are one of those Dobby fans then its almost guaranteed you are going to fall in love with this rescue cat who shares a striking resemblance to Dobby.

Photo Courtesy of Jana Aviles

This feline Dobby twin went viral almost instantly when Jana Aviles posted pics of her on Facebook.

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There is no doubt he is rare and very unique, however, there is more to Yoda than just the way he looks.

In the middle of an interstate move, he got a call regarding a very rare two-faced kitten.

She said, “I met this little cutie while working at the vet yesterday. She was brought in by a rescue after she was found as an injured stray. She is so cute, like have you ever??”

Photo Courtesy of Jana Aviles

Dobby the cat’s similarity to Dobby the house-elf struck a chord with thousands of cat-lovers, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Many with offers of adoption, along with people also pointing out her resemblance to Yoda.

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