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A Scrawny Kitten, Clearly Unwell, She Sits Motionless On The Sidewalk. But Everyone Walks Right On By

But cunning Carmen set a trap baited with food!

As soon as she smelled the delicious aroma she wandered straight into the trap and began to eat, she must have been starving! Even when she heard the door close she didn’t even flinch, she just kept on chowing down.

Screenshot via YouTube Video

“Once I took her out of the trap to examine her, she completely relaxed, like she was relieved she was finally safe,” said Carmen.

“She can’t get enough of pets. She was starved of love and attention.”

The kitten was infested with fleas and lice, had parasites and appeared to be anemic. Carmen gave her a much-needed bath and began treating and supplementing her to help her get back on her paws.

The tabby girl was so grateful to have someone to care for her. She cuddled right up to Carmen.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

“She purred the whole time while I was drying her after her bath.”

They named her Estrella and she was finally on the mend, recovering in a comfortable home.

Screenshot via YouTube Video

Watch the kitten’s rescue journey in this video:

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After hearing their cries for help he spends 7 hours digging through a pile of wood to save their lives!

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