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A Scrawny Kitten, Clearly Unwell, She Sits Motionless On The Sidewalk. But Everyone Walks Right On By

She was sitting on the sidewalk, a scrawny little kitten, everyone just walked right on by, but not her. She knew this tiny kitten needed help.

A scrawny kitten was alone, sitting motionless on the sidewalk, no one stopped to check on her, they all just walked right on by. Until one woman saw her and refused to just ignore her.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

The founder of Animal Friends Project, Carmen Weinberg, happened to be in a mobile home part located at Lake Worth, Florida when she saw a little furball sitting motionless right on the sidewalk. It was obvious she was all on her own, motherless.

The kitten was sitting right near the entrance of an office with lots of foot traffic. But not one person stopped to check on her, they saw her and kept on walking.

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“I knew she wanted to be seen. She wanted help.”

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

She was clearly not well, underweight and unkempt, she needed medical treatment as soon as possible. When Carmen approached she ran under a nearby vehicle.

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