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Trapped In Unimaginable Living Condtions A Poor Cat Has Been Forced To Live In A Wire Prison

She had the worst start in life, trapped in living conditions that were unimaginable. Forced to live in a confined space, riddled with fleas, a poor cat has nowhere clean to sleep and nowhere to move.

The worst part was that in the cage she had food and water, which meant that someone had intentionally kept Holly Peppermint in these conditions. She had nowhere to walk and nowhere clean to sleep. Day after day someone had seen her like this and somehow thought it was OK? She was kept in of all things, a birdcage.

The Furry Nation Salvation, Florida got a tip about how Holly was living and immediately rushed to the scene to see if she needed assistance.

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Found in a wire cage, it was clear they had been thrown from a moving car.

She retreats to the back of the cage. With her ears down a tuxedo kitten does her best to appear invisible.

When they arrived and saw the terrible conditions Holly was forced to endure, it broke their hearts!

Straight away they broke her out of her wire prison and took her back to base to receive all the necessary care and treatment she had been missing.

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