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Neglected And Traumatized His Whole Life, Love And Kindness Were Not Things He Was Used To.

Taken into custody by police as evidence Kyle had been living in a household so abusive he had actually witnessed a murder.

A neglected and traumitzed cat, his ordeal had been heartbreaking. Kyle was then put up for adoption after having lived with over 30 cats. Something that did nothing to help overcome the stress he had been through.

However, with his milk-white mustache, his scraggly whiskers, and baleful yellow stare, Kyle had a look that many found charming.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mycatkyle

So it was for a couple who had been looking for a friend for their cat Princess Mer. After coming across Kyle’s picture in PetFinder they fell in love with the disheveled cat right away.

They drove over 3-hours just to meet the crazy-whiskered feline, hoping he would be the one.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mycatkyle

One of the shelter volunteers brought Kyle’s Kennel and right away they went into shock. Shock mixed in with a healthy dose of love as well.

Shock simply because of the awful mess he was in, and love because new Mom Jen just wanted to take him in her arms and care for him.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mycatkyle

Jen says on Kyle’s Instagram that her tuxedo cat had only three teeth, bad dandruff, no claws, and a crooked ear.

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He wasn’t receiving enough attention so he took his frustration out on the cat!

At 17 she had lost everything. Neglected and abused they had never seen a more mistrustful or angry cat!

To top it all off he also has severe hip dysplasia. But despite all these afflictions Kyle now has a loving home, and online, over adoring 73,000 fans!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mycatkyle

After what he had been through, actually living in a loving home environment was not an easy adjustment for Kyle. Peace love and tranquility were not things he was accustomed to.

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