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What Happens When A Mothers Love Extends To Someone Elses Kittens!

She gave nearby store owners a huge surprise after giving birth when they saw three of her kittens were half the size of their other siblings!?

A feral cat living close to a nearby pet-supply store when she started showing up around the shop looking very plump, they could see she was clearly a nursing Mom.

Workers devised a plan to follow her and find out where she was hiding her babies?

Screenshot via YouTube/Attofoxy

As she headed back to her den they got a huge surprise!

There were six very cute kittens, three, however, were half the size of their siblings! This sweet Moma cat was nursing kittens from two different litters!

Screenshot via YouTube/Attofoxy

Not only was this sweet Mom caring for her own kittens, but she had also decided to take in another Moms kittens as well!

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No matter what she tried they simply refused to feed!

She seemed to know there was only way to save the abandoned kitten.

Perhaps these kittens had lost their Mom, become abandoned, no one knows for sure? Whatever the reason she loves them all equally and calls them all her own.

Screenshot via YouTube/Attofoxy

However, she needs somewhere safe and secure to raise her babies.

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