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As She Got Closer She Realized It Was Still Alive And Saw A Tiny Kitten Screaming On The Side Of The Road!

Driving home one night she spotted what she thought was a sorry sight on the side of the road. As she got closer she saw it was still alive, a little kitten, screaming on the roadside.

Unlike most people who would just keep on driving she couldn’t let this little one fade from view in her rearview mirror. Pulling over she sees a tiny grey kitten still screaming its lungs out.

The terrified kitten allowed her to approach and even give it a thorough inspection. Apart from a tiny wound on its lip, it appeared OK.

Photo Courtesy of Youngest Old Cat Lady.

The Good Samaritan wanted to make sure this little hitchhiker wasn’t alone so she looked around for other kittens, or even a Momma cat hiding out somewhere. However, it appeared the little furball was either abandoned or dumped. Fate smiling on his fuzzy feline head, the boy found himself in a foster home the very next day.

His Foster Mom was none other than Ashley Morrison, known far and wide on social media as “Youngest Old Cat Lady.” Ashley lives near Seattle and was more than happy to take him in.

Photo Courtesy of Youngest Old Cat Lady.

Her thoughts on how the little hitchhiker ended up where he was were, “we will look for potential owners but the likeliness is that he was either dumped on purpose or was born to a feral cat. Because of how friendly he is, my guess would be he was dumped.”

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Pulling over to investigate she saw a tiny white kitten dragging its rear leg.

Barely breathing she finds an emaciated kitten lying on the side of the road.

The little guy was set up with his own bathroom suit. Usually tiled, these rooms are easy to sanitize and keep clean when you have sick kittens in your home.

Photo Courtesy of Youngest Old Cat Lady.

Only about six weeks old Ashley was fully aware that this little guy needed to see a vet until he was well and truly said to be out of the woods. So an appointment was made for the next day.

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