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After Finding A Kitten Dumped On The Side Of The Road, She Couldn’t Just Walk On By Like Everyone Else

After rescuing a kitten dumped on the side of the road, she had no idea how much it would change her life!

Around five years ago Danielle Schafer found a kitten that had been dumped on the side of the road, only weeks old she decides to rescue it.

Screenshot via YouTube/Slideshow of Animals

Danielle gave the little kitten a home and named her Kitty. At the time there was no way Danielle could have known that kitty would one day return the favor.

Screenshot via YouTube/Slideshow of Animals

One day when Kitty was a little older she pounced on Danielle as she lay fast asleep in bed, alerting her to the flames that were leaping up the apartment walls!

Screenshot via YouTube/Slideshow of Animals

In shock at the terrifying sight that greeted her, she rushed to the kitchen only to be greeted by a wall of flames.

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The entire front of her apartment was completely consumed by fire!

Screenshot via YouTube/Slideshow of Animals

She ran back to the bedroom to get Kitty who was nowhere to be found! Opening a window to try and clear the smoke she begins to scream! Apart from the crackle of the flames, it was otherwise strangely quiet. Danielle listened for any meows!

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