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A Deaf Cat With No Ears, Everyone Just Ignored Him

She took one look at him and despite being a deaf cat, despite his appearance, she knew that they were meant for each other.

Otitis had to have not only his ears removed but his eardrums as well, this left him completely deaf. His owner had surrendered him with severe cysts in both ears, leaving the shelter with no option other than to remove everything connected with his hearing!

Enter Molly Lictenwalner, she took one look at Otitis and knew right away that they were meant to be. Molly used to have a deaf puppy, so she knew what was involved when caring for a deaf animal.

Molly had recently been involved in a car accident resulting in a struggle with anxiety.

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This results in panic attacks for which Otitis is always there to offer emotional support.

They were the perfect match, Otitis had lacked love throughout his life, Molly has lots to give for which he is very grateful.

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