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Her Legs Badly Twisted, They Needed To Know She Was Not Suffering Before They Could Give Her A Chance At A Better Life

With her legs twisted from a spinal injury, she was taken to a vet for an evaluation to see if she had a chance at a better life.

The 9-week old kitten had twisted hind legs. So she was brought to the Alaska Cat Adoption Team who then contacted Mojo’s Hope and Alaska’s KAAATs, who have special programs for animals with special needs who need a chance at a better life.

With the help of Alaska’s KAATs founder Shannon Basner, an appointment was made for the young kitten, Lady Purrl, to evaluate her condition. Most important of all was to make sure she was not experiencing any pain and could have as full a life as possible.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/alaskaskaaats

Luckily they found a vet that was responsive to learning about the rescues mission and what they were trying to achieve for the animals in their care. The vet soon found out that Lady Purrl’s quality of life could be much better than they had first thought.

“We immediately saw her spunk and will always do what we can to advoCATe for our cats with special needs! She is truly a beautiful kitty warrior with sass, love and a spirit filled with determination.,” Shannon said

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/alaskaskaaats

The vet discovered via an X-Ray that she had an old spinal injury that had probably caused her legs to become twisted. But the injury had really not slowed this spunky feline down at all. Running climbing and using the toilet was no issue for her at all.

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He is given the chance to run again!

Her owners chose to abandon her rather than find the help she needed!

“The vet was happy that we were wanting to help her out.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/alaskaskaaats

Nothing seems to faze her in the slightest. After she had moved into her new home at KAAATS, she settled into her pen, snuggled up to her new comfort companion (a teddy bear), and drifted off to sleep as though she knew this had been her home all along. However, she still had to meet the other animals at the rescue!

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