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A Cat With Her Head In A Grate? How She Ended Up Like This We Don’t Know?

Was she trying to get out, or did she fall in? However she got there one thing was clear, she needed out!

A cat with her head in a grate? Firefighters from the Winchendon Fire Department, Massachusetts, were called out to rescue a kitten who had somehow ended up trapped in a storm drains grate.

The poor one-year-old kitten was dangling by its neck and needed immediate rescue. If not for these firefighters she would die.

Picture: Winchendon Fire Department

By the time they arrived on the scene she was exhausted from all the struggling and barely breathing. So they needed to do something fast.

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However, as far as cat in drain rescues go, this certainly was not your normal kind. The problem presented to firefighters of how to get the kitten out was a complex one? How to get her out without harming her, or potentially ending her life?

Picture Courtesy of Winchendon Fire Department

The first thing they did was gently remove the grate and sitting it upright on its edge so she could breathe. Then good old dish soap was rubbed liberally around her neck. The question was would it work?

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