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Escaping The Shelter He Had To Cross Roads And Railway Lines! It Took Him One Month, But He Found Her.

She was out walking her dog one evening when it barked at something hiding in the bushes, out came a large beautiful cat. She didn’t know it but he was a cat on a mission, a cat that would change both of their lives, forever.

Ann Boshche and her Dachsund Gracie like to take evening walks but on one particular night, something unexpected happened. Something that would change Ann’s life forever.

Grace the Daschungd barked at something in the bushes. Unperturbed at all the ruckus, out from the bushes walked a large very handsome cat with a white tip on his tail. Ann spoke to him in a soft voice, saying, “aren’t you a fancy thing.”

Ann already had two cats of her own, so food was not a problem. So she went home for some cat food. A little nervous upon her return, he ate quickly, said his thanks and departed. But the next night he was back.

After a little patience, Ann was able to encourage Mr. Fancy to wait on her porch every morning and every night. Though the man in her life did feel that one dog and two cats were more than enough for their household.

So Ann reluctantly agreed that for Mr. Fancy, a shelter was probably the best place for him to be. A place where he had a chance to find his forever home. No one told Mr. Fancy though, he had plans that Ann’s husband and the shelter were not getting in the way of.

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He went missing for four days, somehow, during that time. paralyzed he dragged himself home.

Her whole she has been forced to live in a wire prison with nowhere clean to sleep and nowhere to walk.

When she dropped Mr. Fancy off, she was told by the shelter staff that he had been banging his head against the inside of the carrier door. Probably not the best thing to tell Ann as she cried all the way home.

“We get several dogs and cats dropped off in this neighborhood so I figured this was another one,” Ann explained. She kept checking the shelter’s website for his adoption photos just hoping to learn he had found a home. She never saw one and hoped that meant he had managed to find a home quickly. What happend next was the last thing Ann ever expected!

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