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After Months Of Being Paralyzed, First Her Tail Began To Twitch And Her Legs Began To Kick! Then She Tried To Stand!

After being struck they found her in a storm drain with and rear legs and tail hanging limp, they soon realized she had broken her back!

Two-month-old Tallyrand had been found in a storm drain with a broken back. Legs and tail hanging limp she couldn’t move them at all. Rescued by the Humane Rescue Alliance, it soon became clear she would probably never walk again.

“When they found her she couldn’t move her back legs or her tail or anything,” said Nikki Link, a vet nurse at the Humane Rescue Alliance, in a story by WUSA9

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Paralyzed he begins dragging himself around the clinic visiting the other animals.

Her first week in their care had left her almost paralyzed.

“She could not walk at all, she just wasn’t responding.”

But the dedicated staff at the alliance were not about to give up.

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