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12 Hours Without Food, They Are Boxed Up And Left Out In A Storm Next To A Dumpster!

They were found in a box left out in the middle of a storm right next to a dumpster!

What was even more remarkable was not only did they survive the ordeal in the box, they had also managed to survive 12 hours without any food! The person who found them contacted a rescue in Phoenix, Arizona to help them.

After hearing about the kitten’s situation Shelbi Uyehara, found of Jin’s Bottle Babies rushed to their rescue. What she found was two brothers, their eyes not yet opened who would need to bottle-fed.

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

“I fully expected them to be in rough shape when I went to pick them up, but they were quite the opposite.”

They constantly huddled together for support, not only for warmth but also for comfort.

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

Shelbi fed them from a bottle in her car before making the drive back home.

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After finding a box full of kittens abandoned on a trash heap, one by one he takes them home.

Clearly, in distress, she leads her owner through the woods to a sealed box sitting among the trees.

“They ate so well and even purred. They were so active and alert and I’m pretty sure they could have survived anything.”

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

Once she was back home she placed the brothers in an incubator to help keep their body temperatures regulated, fully expecting them to take a nap.

However, these to fearless little felines were full of newfound energy, climbing the walls attempting a neonatal jailbreak!

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

They had shown extreme resilience and strength after what they had been through. Their will to live was strong, they seemed in good spirits as long as they had each other for support.

“We named them Jones and Shiro. They are very much a bonded pair, and are the best brothers.”

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

Soon their eyes were open making exploration easier. When not taking those tentative few steps they would be found cuddling and licking each others faces.

Once walking was figured out, off they would waddle, short legs taking them on bigger and bigger adventures.

Photo Courtesy of Jin’s Bottle Babies

The tuxedo brothers are completely inseparable. They do everything together and copy each other as they grow.

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