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They Were Late For Work Every Morning! There Had To Be A Reason?

There are things that happen in life that we sometimes can’t explain? Things that have no rhyme or reason, like why we are sleeping through the alarm every single morning?!

A couple in Brasil had been setting their alarm every night before bed only to wake up the next morning well after it should have gone off! Stranger, still they found that the alarm had been switched off, but not by them? This was making them very late for work!

Screenshot from Youtube Video

Trying to get to the bottom of this mystery they decided they would film what was going on?

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After all the knock-on effects of sleeping through your alarm can be many-fold, like not turning up for work on time!

Screenshot from Youtube Video

What they found was as baffling as it was hilarious!

To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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