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When They Came Home Their Landlord Had Changed The Locks And Their Cat Was Gone!

When they got back from the police station they found that their landlords had changed the locks on their home and their beloved cat was nowhere to be found!

As a pet owner, finding a place to rent can sometimes be very difficult. So when a cat-owning couple in Poland came across a father/daughter landlord who had cats of their own they were over the moon. They moved into their new downstairs apartment with their six-year-old cat expecting peace and tranquility.

Their cat, Luman, had not had any easy start to life. She had originally been living in a feral cat colony that Kaiserin Kinga and his boyfriend had been taking care of. Local pigeon breeders had decided the cat community would be better off dead. So they had poisoned the entire colony.

The heartbroken men had thought that Lumen was dead along with all their other feline friends. Until they saw her out wandering about a few weeks later. They quickly rescued her, she has been with the couple ever since.

At the time she was only three months old and gratefully accepted their love and attention. A loving home was far better than trying to survive on the streets.

The very grateful sweet tuxedo kitty has wholeheartedly returned all the couple’s love and devotion ten-fold.

Now living in Poland, Lumen loved her new home and the area surrounding it. However, there was one thorn in an otherwise perfect location, this came in the form of one of the landlord’s cats, Kitek.

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He took a liking to us almost immediately but got on Lumen’s nerves for jumping on the windowsill (one on the outside, of course). He seemed to like her still though and kept slow blinking to her, said Kaiserin .

Lumen was unmoved by Kisek’s overtures of friendship and would try to fight him off, or at the very least scare him away whenever he came too close. This occurred even with a pane of glass in between them.

Their love/hate relationship went on the entire time they were in the apartment. The interesting thing to note is that this tense relationship may have been what eventually saved Lumen’s life.

One day out of the blue the couple’s landlords decided they wanted to sell the house. Nothing wrong with that, it was how they went about doing it that upset everyone, including Lumen.

They decided to ignore one important fact, a fact which is also a law. The fact being that as a landlord you do need to give your tenants time to move out prior to new owners moving in.

As Kaiserin states, “Normally the landlord has to either give a tenant a notice or get into a separate agreement with the tenant to terminate the contract.”

Understandably upset at not being given enough time, the couple tried to politely point out to the landlords the error of their ways. That they would need enough time to find a new home. But things quickly escalated, and got out of control when the landlords became threatening.

Instead of agreeing to give the downstairs family enough time to find a new place to live the landlords decided the better option would be to use scare tactics and get them to move out illegally.

The landlords turned up with their friends when we were away. When we tried to enter our flat they threatened us and tried to beat us up. They demanded money for letting us into the flat we’ve been paying for.

And they had been trying to scare Lumen, as she was observing the situation sitting on the windowsill. The window was slightly ajar and not enough to pry it open or gain access. So they squirted water and threw cigarette butts in at her.

The frightened and angry couple contacted the police, who informed them they could file an incident report. But the officers never came to the property to follow up. Feeling devastated and helpless, they went down to the station to document the events. 

When they returned to the flat, they were met with new locks that had been changed while they were gone.  Not only that, Lumen was not answering any knocks from the now shut and locked windows.

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