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She Shares Shots Of Her Cat Hiding From Vet. It Turns Out She Is Not The Only One!

Cats will do one of two things when you take them to the vet, they either spit tacks, clawing, scratching and hissing all the time. Or, they hide.

I have had both types, the scratchers and those that like to play hide and seek. And I have to say the latter provides the best form of entertainment, basically because there is no physical pain is involved.

Ashley decided to take her cat to the vet, luckily for us, she took her camera too.

And once her pics hit the world wide web what she did not expect was the unexpected deluge of responses. Pic after pic of anxious kitty’s doing their very very best to hide from the well-intended attentions of Veterinary Surgeons.

First, check out Ashly’s cat:

Then those from the web and read through this and comment below:

Dogs may cry when you take them to the vet, but cats hide. Recently, writer Ashly Perez posted a picture of her cat James at their visit to the vet and it encapsulates how all of us feel when we know we are about to get poked and prodded by a doctor.

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