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There’s Only One Option When You Can’t Find A Date For Prom

Sam couldn’t find a date for his prom, so what did he decide to do? Why take his cat of course?

We all know how important prom night is in most young people’s lives! Most of us can remember back to that big night, and how important it was to find a date, working up the courage to ask that special person. So when Sam Steingard could not find a date for his prom his Mom insisted that he pose for photos with their cat Ruby.

An all-out effort was made getting Ruby ready for the occasion, from the shoes to the sparkling pink dress and collar to match Sam’s pink tie.

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Ok, so he didn’t take his cat to the actual dance (as it might have been too stressful for her) but he did at least pose for some prom photos with her. Sam’s sister Caroline brought the picture to the world’s attention by posting the snap of the happy couple on Imgur (I’m sure Sam appreciated that!) and Sam and Ruby have since become unlikely internet superstars. They might not have gone to prom together but they still make a pretty cute couple!

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