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Weeks Eventually Turned Into Months As He Became The Cat That No Body Wanted!

Believe it or not his breeder had trouble finding him a home as no one seemed to want him, all because of the way he looked!

Joseph, a stunningly handsome cat has recently caught the attention of worldwide social media users with his stunning appearance.

The Scottish Fold’s beautiful eyes appear to shine from his pure white face have. Joseph truly is one of a kind!

Photo Courtesy of Caters/@who_is__joseph

Josephs’s owner Evgenii Petrov, 29, adopted Joseph back in 2019 when he saw an online photo of the stunning feline.

When Evgenii saw the photo he didn’t believe the cat could be real with two completely different colored eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Caters/@who_is__joseph

Other people appeared to have similar reservations regarding Joseph. The cat’s breeder was completely unable to find Joseph a home. Before Evgenii came along it had been five months of trying with not one glimmer of interest.

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One of a kind and completely unique! A beautiful genetic accident of nature.

Shocked by the terrible condition he was in, they were even more shocked when he opened his eyes!

For Evgenni though, it was “definitely was love at first sight. When I saw his photo I didn’t believe he was real and I also didn’t believe he hadn’t been sold for five months. I called and I was happy when I heard that the photo was real, and a day later Joseph was at home.”

Photo Courtesy of Caters/@who_is__joseph

Petrov said that Joseph’s eye condition, which is called heterochromia, thankfully doesn’t cause the feline any health complications.

He continued: “Heterochromia is a rare condition especially in Scottish Fold cats. “The cat still has sharp sight though, he just looks different.”

Photo Courtesy of Caters/@who_is__joseph

Petrov shares photos of his unique cat on Instagram under the handle @who_is__joseph.

Joseph has a small but loyal online fanbase, with his 585 followers regularly commenting on his pictures to say how beautiful he is.

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