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This Is What They Saw When They Showed Up For Work At 4.00am?!

Animal care workers were shocked when they turned up to work one morning only to find a total of 14 plastic tubs left out in front of their cat shelter.

It was an early morning start just like any other for the dedicated staff at the Cat House on the Kings (a no-kill cat rescue and sanctuary in Parlier, California). Getting up early to arrive at work at 4.00am they couldn’t believe their eyes when they found plastic containers littering the outside of the shelter. They were then left speechless when they found a total of 16 cats and kittens inside the containers.

“The plastic tubs all matched and had carefully-drilled air holes in them and were zip-tied closed to keep the kitties inside. Every tub had a fleece blanket,” Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow.

All the containers were matching with holes drilled in them so the cats could breathe, but all were zip locked so they could not get out. Every tub had a fleece lined blanket to keep the bewildered kitties warm while they waited to be discovered.

Even though The Cat House cares for around 800 spayed and neutered rescued cats and kittens, the new arrivals were not turned away. They were hurriedly carried inside to be checked over. After a quick inspection they found a total of 16 cats and kittens, all in reasonably good health, in fact, it seemed they were quite well taken care of!?

“One mom with two kittens, plus 13 others ranging in age from 5 months to approximately 3 years. For all of the adults, 11 females and 3 males,” Harvie told Love Meow.

This gorgeous tortie mama and her two kittens are now in safe hands.

The Cat House on Kings shared the discovery on Facebook, with the 1.2 million people that have liked their page.

In the post, they make a call to action, hoping anyone can help them care for the animals.

The organization takes in cats, much like these abandoned babies, and cares for them at their sanctuary. They also foster out cats and put up animals for adoption, so the cats are in good hands there! While all the cats appear to be in good health, quite of a few of them share an interesting trait — a bunch of the cats have an extra toe!

Some of the kitties are a little shell-shocked, but others have already started to warm up to their rescuers.

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