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They Knew This Cat Was A Little Odd! When She Gave Birth It Proved Them Right!

She was rare, she was intelligent and she was about to surprise everyone!

Picked up of the streets and taken in by Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Center she was very healthy for a stray cat. Which goes to show just how not only how street smart she was, but also how intelligent she was to do so well living on the streets.

Photo Courtesy of Susan Dobbs

She had to be because she was very very pregnant, but not only that, she is also very very rare. First off, she is a Ginger Tabby, that in of itself is not that amazing, but when you take into account she is a female Ginger Tabby, then it gets more interesting.

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Because female Ginger Tabbies only account for about 20% of the Ginger Tabby population, making her very special. Especially when you also lay on the fact that at the time she was pregnant, Florence as she was named, is a very special girl indeed.

Photo Courtesy of Susan Dobbs

Cats Protection Bridgend say they only take in a handful of female Ginger Tabbies each year, even less are pregnant at the time.

Soon something special happens to Florence.

To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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