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Buying A Boat, They Cross Several States To Get Home Only To Find Two Unlikely Hitchhikers Inside

A family travels to Georgia to buy a boat. After crossing several state lines to get back home to Virginia they find the boat comes with two surprises!

Eager to use their new boat the family begins to take a closer look and explore their new purchase. To their surprise, they find two highly unlikely hitchhikers inside in the form of two young kittens.

So young they hadn’t even yet opened their eyes. The mother cat had probably put them inside the boat for protection having no idea someone would move it.

The family became quickly attached to the newborns but didn’t think they had the skills to care for such young kittens. They took them to a vet who got in touch with someone who could.

The kittens were placed in the care of a foster home with an experienced caregiver.

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This kind lady has had lots of experience taking care of newborn kittens.

These tiny little fur babies, who hadn’t yet opened their eyes, needed people with experience to give them round the clock care.

The family that had found them was eager to adopt them once they were big enough and given the go-ahead!

Here they are now, as you can see they’ve come a long way since they were found as stowaways!

You can watch the video of these unlikely inter state adventurers below:

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