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The ‘Sheep Cat’ Is Taking Instagram By Storm!

Have you ever seen a cat with fur that looks like a woolly sheep?

Well, now you can, still a relatively new breed, the Selkirk Rex has woolly fur, that resembles that of a sheep. Making them very cuddly kitties.

There is no doubt that cats reign supreme as one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Highly intelligent, very clean, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gina-and-gepetto

And now there is a new breed to join the cute cat family. Still rare though, it is quickly growing in popularity, the Selkirk is quickly garnering a large following of fans. It’s not hard to see why especially with the huge amount of pics this beautiful cat has on Instagram.

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Strangely enough, the breed first came to light in Montana in the United States in 1987, all from one cat born from a rescue cats litter.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/emmi.lii.3

The cute curly-haired kitten then went to breeder Jeri Newman who then gave her the name Miss DePesto, named after the curly-haired woman from the television show Moonlighting.

To see more gorgeous pics and watch the video click 2 below!

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