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Still Really A Kitten, Too Young To Be Pregnant, Just Skin and Bone She Goes Into Labor – An Update

Way to young to even be pregnant, just skin and bone she is brought into the shelter. Soon after arrival, she goes into labor, then there are complications!

Brought into the Humane Rescue Alliance, Washington D.C it was heartbreaking to see such a young cat, still really a kitten, so heavily pregnant and at the same time so emaciated. Then to see her go into labor! The staff did what they could to help.

Photos Courtesy of Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

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But only one kitten survives due to all the complications during birth. Now began the job of trying to keep the kitten alive as Mom was not producing any milk!

Photos Courtesy of Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

A volunteer stepped into to help the young mother.

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Susie H provided around the clock bottle feedings while Momma Shauna paid close attention. Supervising everything Susie did.

Photos Courtesy of Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

“It was both endearing and heartbreaking to see such a young cat trying to be a mom but not quite able to do it all. But together we’re caring for Shane as a team,” Susie said.

Momma Shauna had also had a stomach but which had added to her long list of complications.

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