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She Wasn’t Trying To Break Out Of The Clinic. This Cat Was Trying To Break In! Why?

One morning someone left a box of kittens outside their clinic, the next day a tabby cat kept trying to break in?

There’s no excuse for abandoning pets, especially a box of kittens, separating them from their Mom! Why not take them to a shelter, at least there they will be taken care of. But that’s exactly what someone did when they abandoned a box of kittens outside a veterinary clinic in New Zealand.

One morning staff at a vets clinic in New Zealand opened for business to find a box kittens sitting outside their front door? The kittens, three boys, and a girl were about 3 to 4 weeks old. They were immediately taken inside for a thorough check-up.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Millroad Vet Clinic

Staff at the clinic immediately fell in love, and one of the nurses took the litter home that night after work to care for the little tykes. What was to happen next had everyone baffled?

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The very next morning staff opened again to another unusual start to the day! They witnessed a Tabby cat apparently trying to break in the clinic.

Screenshot via Facebook/Millroad Vet Clinic

Her behavior was more than a little puzzling. Then the penny dropped!

To find out what happened next click 2 below!

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