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She Was So Badly Burned No One Knows How She Was Still Alive

While the devastating wildfires were spreading across California many animals and people were in danger of losing their lives.


Many people were lucky enough to escape the devastation, however, many animals, including local wildlife and pets were left behind to fend for themselves.

Animal rescue organizations and shelters are stepping up to help animals left behind. They are going into the scorched areas to look for animals in need. They are taking in all types of animals, thanks to the amazing and brave volunteers they have on hand.

Facebook/California Wildfires Pets

Camp Fire raged right through the North of California, whereas the Woolsey Fire burned throughout Southern California. Camp Fire practically destroyed the city of Paradise. While searching the area, animal rescue experts found a badly burned cat.

How she survived the fire let alone how she was still alive was anyone’s guess? Immediately she was brought back to the rescue shelter to receive care and treatment, she was named Billiegirl. A photo of her rescue went viral such was the miracle of her survival, unfortunately, that was not to last.

The photo was posted, hoping to find Billiegirls owners, a note was added, it said, “Are you missing an orange tabby kitty from the area of Billie Rd in Paradise?” Unfortunately, it needed to be updated, as shortly thereafter, Billiegirl passed away.

Check below to find out what is happening with other survivors:

Billiegirl is just one of the unfortunate animals killed by the fires. Countless wildlife and unaccounted pets are adding to the tragedy and loss. Some people tried to get back to their homes to save their pets, but the roads were closed, so now they are desperately searching to find them.

Facebook/California Wildfires Pets

“The fire was coming up the canyon and they closed off the road and I couldn’t get in,” states Jane Sharman Barnes, who also was looking for her dogs after her home burned, reported KPIX. “I was probably 3 or 4 miles from my house and I couldn’t get to them.”

The Butte County Sheriff’s Department has deputies patrolling the areas looking for animals as well as people. Any animals they find are given water and food that was donated by the North Valley Animal Disaster Group. They advise people looking for lost pets to contact the local shelters. California Wildfire Pets Facebook page has hundreds of animals that were found, as well as posts about missing ones.

“In the event, Deputies locate an animal that is sick or injured, Animal Control is contacted to transport the animal to a shelter where veterinarians are able to give the animal the care it needs,” posted the sheriff’s office. “We don’t have the resources to transport every animal to a shelter, but we are doing all we can to help animals located during this time.”

People are not giving up and will continue to search and rescue animals in need. If you live in the area please put out water and food for wildlife. Animals and people need your help.

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