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She Thought Her Possessions Had Gone For Good!

There is a certain cat burglar that has a footware related fetish!

Lucey is a very social, highly likable cat, who just happens to have a bad habit on the side, a habit of collecting other peoples shoes.

He does take his habit one step further though by going to the high end of the shoe market. According to his owners Scott and Tonia Werda, he prefers specialty shoes.

He seems to want recognition for his bad habit too like he is trying to impress Tonia and Scott. Bringing the shoes home, then dropping them outside and meowing for attention.

This cat does something similar to Lucey.

“He’s like, ‘Look what I got for you, Dad! Didn’t I do good?’” Scott Werda said, shaking his head at the talkative klepto-cat sprawled in the driveway sunshine.

Tonia and Scott didn’t know what the heck was going on at first? They would find the odd shoe outside, thinking it was left by a child from their home daycare business. But then more and more shoes began to appear in the yard? Putting two and two together they realized what was going on.

Then Lucey began expanding out into different products, like toilet paper and fast-food wrappers and bags, but shoes always remained his firm favorite.

“It’s a lot of pairs,” Tonia Werda said incredulously, pointing to several complete sets of shoes that the cat has gathered, one at a time. Mostly a homebody, Lucey makes an occasional outing to case the neighborhood for shoes that have been left out on back porches or in open garages, nabbing them craftily and dragging them home, hopping the backyard fence with the pilfered shoe in his mouth.

This Klepto Kitty Got Busted !

The thieving feline’s highest-priced haul was an entire GPS system from a nearby — and, fortunately, very understanding — neighbor.

Lucey’s sweet temperament and convincing meow have won over most neighbors, who have started to know where to look when their shoes go missing. The Werdas keep recovered shoes in a bucket in their garage, hoping they will eventually make it back to their rightful feet.

“We bought our last neighbor a dutch apple pie when she came looking for some shoes,” Werda said with an apologetic smile.

In exchange for the shoes, the experienced mouser is happy to rid the neighbors’ homes of any rodents, Werda said.

Not Lucey, but yes, this is what you think it is!

The cat loves to snuggle with children and acts like a dog with Scott, his special favorite, Tonia said, running from window to window to watch when Scott leaves for work. An adventurer, Lucey also likes car rides and has a penchant for hopping into open car windows of visitors, sometimes ending up as a stowaway who stays politely in the back seat until he’s returned back home.

“He’s our pain,” Scott Werda said, giving the cat’s soft fur a tousle.

Lucey, unconcerned by the attention, meowed and gave a gentle swat to a nearby shoe.

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After hearing their cries for help he spends 7 hours digging through a pile of wood to save their lives!

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