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She Shot Her Husband For Beating The Family Cat

Last weekend Dallas police found themselves with one of their more unusual cases when a 47-year-old Texas woman shot her husband while defending the family cat.

On Saturday morning Mary Harrison, the self-confessed shooter told police the incident stemmed from her husband’s repeated abuse of the family pet. It happened so much so, the cat had finally had enough and ran away.

Courtesy of Dallas County Jail

Mary loved her cat and was worried sick at his disappearance. In fact, she covered the whole neighborhood with missing pet pamphlets. One of her neighbors located the cat and returned him home, but unfortunately Mary’s husband Dexter immediately resumed the abuse.


This led his frustrated wife to finally shoot him in an effort to stop it. Nor is this the first cat-related shooting that’s happened in Texas. In 2013, a different woman shot her husband for threatening to throw her cat over the fence.

Unfortunately, Dexter died of his injuries on the way to the hospital and Mary is currently being held at Dallas County Jail on charges of murder. Meanwhile, social media remains typically divided.

Many people, including a neighbor, are accusing Mary of overreacting by prioritizing the animal’s life over that of her husband’s. Others, including advocates who have set up a Gofundme page to cover Mary’s legal expenses, concur that she was acting valiantly on behalf of an animal in need.

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