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She Searched Everywhere For Her Missing Cat, Finding Nothing! One Day She Sees A Stray Cat Staring Right At Her!

After several days of searching for her cat and turning up empty-handed, she was at her wit’s end. Out searching again she saw a black cat looking at her, she approached.

YiFen Tan of Taoyuan, Taiwan. had lost her cat Lulu, according to her, Lulu was a very friendly cat who had no fear of strangers, often walking right up to them. Then one day Lulu went missing, out of her mind with worry, YiFen filed a police report. Her missing cat nowhere to be found, she walked the streets putting up posters calling Lulu’s name.

Photos Courtesy of ET Today

Sharing her experience on social media, according to ET Today, even with the help of friends and family YiFen turned up empty-handed.

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Her cat went missing, so she made some signs. Some very honest descriptive signs.

He went missing for four days. Somehow during that time, paralyzed he managed to drag himself home.

Then on October 1st at about 11 pm while out searching again, calling out to Lulu once again, she saw a black cat staring intently right at her.

Photo Courtesy of ET Today

YiFen approached the cat and took out some of Lulu’s cat litter, smelling the offering as YiFen rattled a can of cat food, the black cat seemed to understand what it was being asked to do and walked off with YiFen following along behind.

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