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Seagull Swoops In And Carries Off Dog

A little Chihuahua was spending some time in his backyard in Devon England when a Seagull Swoops in and carries him off in its beak! Cat owners beware too!

At four years of age, Gizmo was hanging out in her home garden in Paignton, Devon, England, when the Seagull swooped in and carried her off in its beak. Her anxious owner Becca Hill, has launched an online appeal to try and find the little Chihuahua.

The whole unbelievable scene was witnessed by Becca’s boyfriend on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Photo Courtesy of Becca Hill/PA

There have been seven recent incidents reported in the UK of birds going after small dogs.

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Becca has three Chihuahua’s, she has heard of this happening before, but never thought it would happen to her. Especially an attack from a Seagull of all things?

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