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Seagull Eyes Up Small Kitten Then Prepares To Swoop In And Attack!

When she saw the Seagull eyeing up her tiny kitten she thought it was hilarious, now she’s not so sure!

June Roberts filmed the interaction between the Seagull and her kitten Ginge at her home in Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex, England. Initially, she thought the exchange was hilarious, now she thinks it is something more ominous.

June had heard about the tiny Chihuahua carried off into the sky by a large gull and thinks her Seagull may have been stalking her kitten.

It had only been Ginge’s second day outdoors, at one point in the video he appears to cower as the gull eyes him up. At another point, it looks like the gull is about to swoop in a grab for the kitten who at the time was only 10 weeks old, only to change its mind at the last second.

Photo Courtesy of June Roberts

June tells the Mirror Online that she was naive to think the bird was interested in the cat.

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She had actually messaged some of her friends telling them Ginge had made a friend?

Photo Courtesy of June Roberts

The gull made regular visits over a three to four day period, June thought nothing of it till it started to peck him.

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