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Scientists Finally Prove What We Knew All Along

It’s taken a while, but finally, after years of exhaustive study, scientists have proven what each and every one of us already knew.

Yes, watching cat videos is good for our health. Not watching dog videos or cute bunny videos, but cute kitty videos.

Scientists usually spend their time proving things that are not so great, these are things we usually like and are told to avoid. Like, don’t eat too much fast food, its bad for your health. Or, don’t drink too much alcohol, or eat too many sweets, and on it goes.

It always seems to be, we can’t do too many of the things we like. That is until scientists prove that something we actually do like, is good for us too. So when scientists proved that watching cat videos was good for our health, everybody jumped on the cat video bandwagon and road happily into town.

We knew it already, however click below for the scientific proof:

So from then on, good health came in the form of a computer, sitting on your butt and watching cat videos. Need we say more? Jessica Gall Myrick, Assistant Professor at the University of Indiana Bloomington took it upon herself to speak with and survey more than 6,500 cat lovers about this addiction to internet cat video watching.

What she found suggests that while we spend too much time on the internet watching cat videos, it’s good for us. I mean, people are happier when they’ve watched darling cats doing darling things.

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