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Paralyzed And Abandoned In A Box, Not Only Is He Given The Chance Walk! He Is Also Given The Chance To Have His Own Forever Home!!

Found in a macaroni and cheese box with badly damaged hind legs they wanted to give him the chance to walk and to run again!

A paralyzed kitten, his legs were so badly twisted they needed to help him become mobile again while at the same time giving him physical therapy. So the decision was made to build him his very own wheelchair.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Mac-N-Cheeze

And what better way to build an adjustable wheelchair than by using lego blocks.

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Found starving, now he doesn’t think about his limits and won’t let anything slow him down.

Missing for four days, somehow during that time, paralyzed he dragged himself home.

As he grows, with lego blocks its very easy to adjust the size of his wheelchair.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Mac-N-Cheeze

The question was how would he take to his new wheels?

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