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Once This Black Cat Realised He Was The Center Of Attention The Purrpetrator Refused To Leave!

Cats are renowned around the world for doing whatever they want whenever they want. So it comes as no surprise that they go wherever they want whenever they want as well! Like this black cat.

In a Premier League football game between Wolverhampton Wanders and Everton, when an uninvited guest wandered onto the field in the form of a completely adorable black cat.

Completely unconcerned he wandered around in front of a crowd of tens of thousands of people.

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Then he realized he was in the spotlight, the center of attention in fact, and he put on a bit of show.

Afraid he was going to be cornered by players and onfield security he then decided it might be time to exit.

However, he found that getting out was not going to be as easy as getting in?

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