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Officers Called As Cat Caught Hiding In Tree Seems To Be Armed With Semi-Automatic Rifle

Authorities, whether it be police officers or firefighters often respond to calls from the public regarding cats in trees. But this call was very different from the norm.

Newport, Oregon State Police Officers were called to a suburban street recently to deal with a cat hiding in a tree with what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle.

Yes, you heard it right, an armed and therefore highly dangerous rifle-toting feline. What the alarmed caller thought the cat was going to do with the rifle has yet to be determined by police.

Perhaps it was intended as personal protection from local dog gangs roaming the streets?

Upon arriving at the scene the police could see the cat had situated itself high in a tree, but not with a rifle, she was actually just clinging to a branch that closely resembled a semi-automatic weapon.

Click below to watch the video:

The cat was given a verbal warning for posing “with what could be an assault rifle while wearing poor camouflage attire.” Hopefully, she has learned her lesson and will be more careful next time she hides in trees.

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