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In The Final Stages Of Dementia, Their Gift Meant More Than They Could Ever Have Realized!

With her father being in the final stages of full-blown dementia, and having been a cat lover his entire life, she knew she had to do something to help!

Cheryl Yates, from Ontario, Canada wanted so much to help her Dad Bob, 88, is in the final stages of dementia. Joining forces with other family members, she brought her him a cat, but not a regular cat.

Bob has been a cat lover his entire life, having had nine of his own. Now restricted to a hospital bed he began asking for his cats.

A real cat was not an option where he is now so Cheryl got her Dad a robotic cat from Ageless Innovations Joy for All. This company has a mission to bring joy to aging loved. Bob was over the moon with his cat.

“My father loves cats and dogs, especially cats. He was a real cat man and always had cats,” Cheryl said in her Facebook post.

So for Christmas Bob received his Joy For All robotic lifelike cat companion in his favorite color too, an orange and white tabby. Like all their companion animals the cat is fully interactive, responding to petting, touch and Bob’s voice. Even purring, meowing and grooming its paws.

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In her final days, she had one last wish, and that came in the form of a tabby cat called Oliver.

His owner may have passed away, however, he has not forgotten.

Bob’s cat even rolls over, blinks and gives him head butts. Cheryl’s dad loves his cat and has given him the name Buddy. Since receiving his pet he has become much calmer and happier.

He has an amazing sense of humor and profound love for all animals, so there was no nicer gift. “My dad found homes for so many strays and took many to shelters and humane societies over the years,” she said.

“He always donated to humane society and animals shelters. He loves animals so much and was always asking for his cats, so now he has his kitty again.

To him, this cat is as real as a real kitty, that is the silver lining. It’s one of the last wishes he is getting. He can’t come home, but he now has his kitty with him.”

Cheryl and the hospital staff noticed a big change in her father’s behavior. 

“To see his face and eyes light up that he has a kitty again was priceless. It made me cry,” she described. “My dad was so happy on Christmas Day.

He holds the kitty in his arms constantly. My dad believes this is a real, live kitty. All the nurses were blown away by the difference in my father.

I highly recommend these companion robotic cats for any seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

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