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This Is How His Cat Ended Up After He Caught It Playing With The Christmas Ornaments!

Cats and Christmas trees, as many know, the two go hand and hand, sometimes not in a good way. Cats are the worst when it comes to Christmas decorations.

If you have a cat in the house and its Christmas time, patience is definitely called for. Cats seem to feel that decorating the Christmas tree is done solely for their benefit. Yes, patience is called for.

One man recently lost his patience with his cat when it wouldn’t stop playing with the decorations. What he did next is in one word, unforgivable. Aaron Duke Rover virtually beat his cat to death because it wouldn’t stop playing with the decorations on the family Christmas tree.

His violent crime was uncovered when he brought the cat in to a shelter in Johnson City on November 30th. Since then he has been charged with one count of felony abuse.

Photo Courtesy Tennesse Animal Shelter

While at the shelter Rover spun a tale of finding his cat in the condition it was brought in. He told shelter staff he had found his cat weak and injured on the side of the road. Staff at the time believed him, however, his lie was uncovered when a friend of his fiance showed them a video of Rover abusing his cat according to a report on WCOTV. The cat was soon taken to Robinson’s Animal Hospital for emergency treatment.

Additional Reading:

Weak and traumatized he had been living in an abusive household!

He wasn’t receiving enough attention from his girlfriend so he took his frustration out on the cat.

Every effort was made to save the brave cat who fought long and hard for its life. Rover eventually admitted to an animal control offer he abused the cat because it was “messing with his Christmas tree.”

Meanwhile, his cat still fought for its life.

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