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When He Got Home He Was Surprised Not To Get The Usual Excited Greeting! Instead, His Dog Lead Him Straight To The Bathtub?

When he gets home from work his dog leads him straight to the bathtub? It would seem he had brought home a houseguest?

A few weeks ago a man gets home from work as he usual, but instead of his dog greeting him with howls of joy and an overabundance of excitement, Crosby leads his owner straight to the bathtub?

Photo Courtesy of imgur/squishiepeachies

Looking into the bathtub Crosby’s owner was greeted by a very vocal cat who had a lot to say about where it found itself. Crosby had brought home a new houseguest, he does have a doggy door, but it is too high off the ground for this little feline to get in on its own. It would seem that the dog must have brought this cat inside himself.

It turns out the Crosby likes cats, preferring the company of felines and canines to almost any other species. There is a good reason for this. He recently had to say goodbye to two of his best friends.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/squishiepeachies

“About six months ago, he lost his kitty friend, and just over a month ago he lost his best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was eight weeks old,” imgur user squishiepeachies, Crosby’s owner, said.

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Crosby’s owner had thought his pooch was doing OK being an only dog, it would seem there was more on behind those big brown eyes than squishiepeachies had realized.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/squishiepeachies

He went around the neighborhood asking about the kitten. Some neighbors had seen her before.

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