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He’s A Cute Kitten, And He’s Yours For Just $35,400.00!

For just $35,400.00 a kitten just like the one in these photos can be yours. Looking exactly identical in every way, right down to the very last whisker!

Sinogene, a company in China has been cloning dogs and is now offering you the opportunity to clone your beloved cat for a cool $35,000.

The question is are you prepared to clone your much loved Mr. Tiddles? And if you are, the next question is are you prepared to pay the asking price of US$35,400.00 asked by Sinogene? They are now reportedly the very first company in China to create a genetically identical house cat.

The extremely cute British Shorthair, Garlic by name, was born on July 21, and by all accounts is doing well.

Photo Courtesy of Sinogene

Created by Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology, Garlic is the physical clone of his predecessor. Well know for cloning dogs Sinogene says now thanks to the successful cloning of the British Shorthair, it will now offer a cat cloning service alongside the one it already offers for dogs.

If you are looking at cloning your cat and you think US$35,400 is a little too steep, be thankful, as cloning a dog is US$53,800! Sinogene reportedly made 20 genetic copies of dogs in 2018 and plans to clone up to 500 dogs a year with in the next five years, according to Sixth Tone.

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The company says that cloning could be a good way of preserving the genetics of special animals like excellent police sniffer dogs, or prize breeding animals, helping to cut costs of doing such things as training. However, not everyone agrees.

Photo Courtesy of Sinogene

“The body can be cloned, but the soul can’t,” said one comment on Weibo, echoing singer Barbra Streisand, who was one of the first high-profile people to have her pet cloned.

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