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It’s Her Expression. It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!

Stealing no matter what form it takes is absolutely one of the worst things you can do to anyone.

But what if that stealing is mixed with anticipation. Imagine, you are at work, it’s almost time to go home and you know you have your favorite meal waiting for you. All hot, and ready to eat! Just watch her expression below to see how much this means!

You get home and bam, you catch your mother in law chowing down on what you have carefully prepared and there’s nothing left for you!! I think you might be more than a little upset. I suspect the best word to use in this situation would be boiling.

We here at the kitten cat post have complete sympathy for our feline heroine in this story shared by MrRogers247. The situation for her, is, after all, less than ideal. Its dinner time and she’s come home to find a possum is chowing down on her favorite cat food.

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However, we have to give her full marks for the dignity with which she is handling the situation. After all, she is not succumbing to the need many of us would have to give him a good right hook.

Scroll down below to check out how it all unfolded, and let us know what you think in the comments!

“Excuse me, that’s actually MY dinner”

“Umm. A little help please”

“You see there’s been a mistake, you accidentally gave MY dinner to this imposter”

“You serious??? You’re just gonna stand there and take pictures, I’m starving… You know what, that’s fine”


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Found lying on the lawn, completely helpless, she needed help but the vets were closed!

Read, enjoy and please share.

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