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Due To Her Missing Cats Rather Complex Personality, She Made Some Signs, Some Very Honest Signs!

Her cat went missing, understandably upset she made signs and pasted them about the neighborhood, but her signs were a little different from the usual missing cat signs!

And maybe, just maybe her missing cat can read?!

North Carolina makeup artist, Mary Irwin’s cat disappeared from home one day. Like other pet owners, she was upset, worried, and a little overwhelmed! Not sure what to do she decided to make some signs, which she then posted about the neighboring streets.

Babou the cat (mary Irwin)

Like all of us, she put down her cat’s physical appearance. But Mary went one step further than perhaps others would. She also described Babou’s personality as well, in a rather honest way.

“She’s kind of a jerk,” states part of the sign which Irwin posted in the Charlotte neighborhood of Ballantyne.

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After living as a stray for six years wait till you see what she did when she saw her owner again!

Their cat went missing! They couldn’t believe where they found him?

This description certainly got the attention of Mary’s neighbors, however it beyond her neighborhood out onto the internet too, so much so that it went viral!

Mary hoped a more complete description of her cat would help bring her home.

To find out if Babou comes home click 2 below!

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