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Already In Labor, Unable To Deliver, She Knew She Was In Trouble So She Went To Only Door She Thought She Could Get Help!

Going into labor, she soon ran into complications. Knowing she needed help she knew where to go.

Animals generally don’t get much credit for their intelligence levels. Perhaps if human beings paid a bit more attention we would realize we are not the only ones blessed with brain matter. Especially when they are in trouble.

Recently a cat in the southeastern Bitlis province of Turkey proved this point when she went into labor. Soon running into complications when her contractions became almost too unbearable to bear she knew she was in trouble but she also knew where she could go to get help.

Photo courtesy of Bitlis 13 Haber

According to a local news outlet, Bitlis 13 Haber, the enterprising feline walked up to the door of the No.2 health center in Tatvan district and began meowing over and over at the door as if she was asking for help!

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Unable to ignore her insistent meows the nurses let her in but were at a loss as to what she wanted.

Screenshot via Video

They soon realized she was in labor and was unable to deliver her kittens so they immediately called the municipality vet for assistance.

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