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Considering His Recent Behavior They Had No Choice, Drastic Action Had To Be Taken!

After aiding and abetting the release of other cats within the shelter they had no choice but to place him in solitary confinement!

Caught in the act more than once Quilty the cat was caught in the act of letting other cats out of the senior room by staff working at the Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization shelter. Allegedly he was seen doing this several times a day!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Friends For Life

Clearly a serial offender, Quilty used to let his dog sibling into the house at his previous home.

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A cat on a mission he broke out of the shelter, crossing roads and railway lines just to find her.

She wasn’t trying to break out, she was trying to break in?

When this talent first emerged no one is sure?

Photo Courtesy of

Staff felt they had no choice but to place Quilty in the shelter lobby area while they decided what to do?

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