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He Was With Her When She Needed Him The Most! Never Once Leaving Her Side!

When she goes into labor he looks more than a little stressed, however, once the kittens are born his whole demeanor changes just like that!

Thuy Duong Panda from Vietnam shared a series of touching photographs on Facebook of her Father cat, Yello, supporting the brand new mom cat, Tam, when she needed him the most. During and after giving birth.

When Tam, the soon to be Moma cat, goes into labor in Vietnam, Yello, the father looks very stressed! He seems aware of the effort she is going through to bring their kittens into the world.

After all she is going through a lot to bring four healthy kittens into the world. Yello stays by her side, trying to support her.

After they are born he switches gear, becoming all at once caring and very attentive.

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Giving Tam a good wash as she recovers from labor.

Soon after that he was not just snuggling up with Tam.

He was snuggling up with his kittens too.

Caring for and loving his babies.

Tam can be sure to have all the support she needs with Yello by her side.

It could certainly make anyone jealous to see such love and devotion shown by the daddy cat. Yello and Tam are now proud parents.

They make the cutest cat family ever.

This is their first litter and so far they’re doing well raising their new family. Yello has stayed next to Tam during the whole process. Refusing to leave her side.

Watch a video of Yello and Tam here below:

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