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Covered In Countless Scars A Feral Cat Spends His Final Hours Cuddling The Kittens He Loves

Terminally ill, this feral cat got to spend the last hours of his life cuddling with the kittens he loved!

Grandpa Mason, a formerly feral cat was euthanized last Thursday at the nonprofit shelter Tiny Kittens, after fighting kidney disease for over three years. He garnered thousands of fans during that time for one reason and one reason only, his absolute devotion to, and love of the shelters orphaned kittens.

Tiny Kittens is based in Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada. They rescued Grandpa Mason in 2016 from a property that was going to be bulldozed.

Screenshot via YouTube/TinyKittens HQ

Described as “ancient” and “battle-scarred,” they noted that he would not survive very long if treated for his long list of medical issues and released back outdoors. The main concern being his kidney disease which was already in an advanced state.

Screenshot via YouTube/TinyKittens HQ

So Grandma Mason was taken into Shelly Roche’s own home, Shelly is the founder of Tiny Kittens, she now found herself with a once fierce aging cat who needed lots and lots of space, though he was gradually becoming more comfortable with living indoors.

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However, it was what happened next that enabled him to completely unwind and relax.

Screenshot via YouTube/TinyKittens HQ

Shelly brought home five orphaned kittens who were being prepared for adoption. Kittens are not really known for respecting personal space, soon Grandpa Mason found himself covered in kittens.

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