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He No Longer Wanted His Cat, But It Was How It Was Delivered To The Shelter?!

It’s a sad fact that every year thousands of unwanted animals are surrendered to shelters. The excuses for this are endless, but one cruel man took it too far when he sent his unwanted cat to a shelter!

Don’t get me wrong some people genuinely can’t take care of their pets anymore and want their pets to have a better life than they can offer. But countless others just can’t be bothered with the responsibility, just dumping their unwanted pets overnight.

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Or like the man you are about to read about, they just don’t have a heart. A man in Taiwan decided he no longer wanted his very beautiful Scottish Fold cat.

Photo: New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office

So instead of delivering the cat to the shelter in person, he showed how heartless he truly was.

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