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Grandma Thought She Had Been Taking Care Of Three Stray Kittens, Only One Wasn’t A Kitten?

His grandmother had told him she had been fostering three stray kittens. He went to visit and found one wasn’t a kitten at all?

Eric Hertlein went to visit his grandma, taking a trip to her home in Kansas. She had told her grandson she had been caring for three stray kittens, Eric had to tell her the truth.

The truth being one of her kittens wasn’t a kitten at all, it was actually a small opossum! The loving woman had even given her would-be kitten a name, Tete, she was more than a little surprised to learn the truth.

But then she grinned and said.

‘Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!‘

It seemed likely that somehow Tete had become an orphan, and had taken to sleeping outside Eric’s grandma’s door ever since he was a baby. Being the kind woman that she was she had taken him in, thinking him a stray kitten. As Tete was not causing any problems, it was decided he could stay.

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However, we do not advise adopting any wild animals without any appropriate medical documents.

At first, this photo is pretty normal with 3 cute cats living in harmony.

But wait…

This is weird.

Eric and his grandma.

The Internet was pretty excited with the story.

Eric’s grandma went from caring for three stray kittens to two kittens and one opossum in a matter of seconds!

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Rejected by all the other neighborhood strays, she had come to them looking for help!

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