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Someone Cut A Hole In The Fence In A Bid To Steal His African Serval, Or Worse Still, To Set Her Free!

Someone deliberately cut a hole through the deer fence in an attempt to either steal her or set her free!

It had been four days since someone either deliberately or accidentally set his beloved African Serval free. Alex Hanson still had no leads as to where his big cat has gone?

The Fernie, British Columbia, resident knows it was deliberate as after he inspected Aquila’s 1-acre enclosure he found someone had cut a hole through the wire mesh. They may have accidentally set her free if they had done it to steal her in the hopes of onselling her later.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Hanson

At this point in time, Alex had no idea if they were successful in taking her or if she is out wandering about somewhere?

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His name is Hercules, a fitting name as he is also Herculean in size.

Every night before bed Alex and his partner bring Aquila inside. What he believes may have happened is someone cut a hole in the fence at night only to find Aquila not in her enclosure, leaving a broken fence when they left. After finding the hole the Serval took her opportunity and made off.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Hanson

Her enclosure is mostly surrounded by forest, an area so large that many of the people in their area, Alpine Trails, probably don’t even know he has an African Cat. The size of the area may also explain why he and his partner didn’t locate the hole.

Hanson said that if someone was successful in stealing the 35-pound cat, it would have taken a team of at least two or three people. He says Servals are smart, quick, nervous animals, and do not come to the beckoning of a stranger.

“We think it’s very targeted,” he said. “Somebody knows something, from somewhere. And we don’t have a lot of people over. “You look back, how many people completely hate your guts? There’s some people that don’t like me around here, but a lot of it just doesn’t make sense.”

Hanson has several theories as to why someone might have wanted to steal his cat:

Photo Courtesy of Sonja & Roland is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

First of all, someone may have wanted a Serval cat for themselves, and successfully captured it. In this case, they’ll have to give it up soon as Aquila will not trust a new family. The other theory is that somebody thought they wanted it, attempted to capture it, and couldn’t, leaving the fence agape. In this case Hanson hopes she’s wandering around the base of Mt. Fernie and will return home soon.

In the possibility that neither of these scenarios is true, then Hanson believes someone deliberately tried to set the cat free. He says this isn’t right; if someone loves animals, and doesn’t want to see them get hurt, then he says they should recognize that their Serval is domesticated and would not survive in the wild.

Photo Courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Serval cats are very expensive to purchase, with some costing over $10,000. So he doesn’t believe that someone would try and capture her to sell later.

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Feature Image Courtesy of Sonja & Roland is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

His struggle to survive on the streets had taught him one thing, never to trust humans. However, fear along with constant pain had caused his body to start to shut down.

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