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Bringing Home A New Couch Meant Bad News For Someone Special

For most of us, it never crosses our minds to get rid of our pets when we get new furniture, that is, for most of us.

Unfortunately for some people, it is an easy decision to make, getting a new Chesterfield, or new bed means taking the cat to the shelter, or worse still, dumping the cat.

Meet Tiger Tim, his Dad took him to the New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC). Not because he could no longer care for Tiger Tim, no, he had bought, of all things, a new couch. And in his own words the cat, “had to go”.

Choosing an inanimate object over a loving pet? Here’s what Animal Care Control have to say:

According to the staff over at ACC, the man turned Tiger Tim into the center when Tim was just a 3-month-old kitten. The crazy reason is the owner bought a brand new couch and Tim could no longer reside there.

The kitty never became aggressive and just curled into a little ball of misery. The gentle tabby was completely confused and heartbroken over the loss of his home and family. The workers in ACC attempted to feed him to keep him going and keep him alive.

Thankfully, Magnificent Cat Rescue ended up caring for Tiger Tim with lots of love and devotion. In the end, they did manage to find Tim a loving foster home to get him back in shape – both physically and emotionally.

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